Tanzania Safari

af Niels Poul Dreyer

Serengeti, Arusha, West and East Uzambara Mountains

I went to Tanzania together with my Canadian friend, Jeff Skevington, and his wife, Angela, and their 18-year-old son Alexander, who just graduated from High School. Our three-week venture in October 2022 was my first visit to Tanzania for 40 years.

I first met Jeff and Angela in Brisbane, Australia back in 1997, and since then, we have done many trips in far away away places such as Colombia, Panama, Canada, Brazil and West Papua. Jeff always dreamed of seeing the wildebeest migration through the Mara river with his father, Richard Skevington, but Richard felt, that he was now too old to endure the long flights from Canada to Tanzania, so I took his place. I was curious to see the place again after 40-years; I first visited Serengeti and Arusha back in 1982.

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